Our Jewelry Production:

The Designer:
Leslie Ann Genninger designs and produces the Genninger Studio Collection in her studio located in the heart of Venice, Italy, in the picturesque Campiello Barbaro, between the Guggenheim Museum and La Salute Church. In this new location, after 12 years in Palazzo
Contarini Michiel on the grand Canal, Leslie charms her clientele with an extraordinary collection of Murano glass jewelry, elegantly hung Venetian Cesendeli chandeliers, stunning hand blown goblets, hand cut mirrors and
unique glass sculpture.  Her exclusive bead designs are hand made using special 1000 year old Murano glass formulas and techniques and are “flame worked” or “blown” by Venetian Bead Masters who have over 35 years experience creating beads.

Our Murano Glass Beads:
Murano Glass has no lead elements, which makes it very light and fluid to work with, and produces lovely colors.  We love to change the color tonalities of the beads by playing with the numerous Murano techniques and by mixing precious metals with layers of transparent and opaque glass.  Ours is a truly unique collection.

Our Techniques and Colors:
“Flame working Technique”:  Most of our exclusive beads are flame worked around a copper wire using canes of specially designed colors of 100% Murano Glass.  During the flame working process, the bead is rolled in either 24K white gold and yellow gold leaf or pure silver leaf, and then decorated with layers and patterns of glass. They are cooled using a special annealing powder and the copper wire is washed out of the core with an acid wash.  One of our favorite flame working techniques is called “Sommerso”.  The beads usually have a color core with a fine layer of 24K gold or pure silver leaf rolled on top, and then another layer of hot glass is applied over this fine leafing. “Astratto” continues with this technique by applying additional glass layers of color and details.  “Barocco” leaves the gold and silver leaf exposed at the surface of the bead, and then a light, thin detail of glass is hot applied directly over the gold and silver leaf layer.

“Blowning Technique”:  Some of our mouth blown “Filigrana” beads are made with a technique where canes of glass are lined up together to create a pattern of color, and then a blow pipe with a cylinder of clear glass or colored glass is rolled over the canes to pick them up.  Layers of gold leaf and silver leaf are rolled onto the hot cylinder and then it is heated and blown into a long tube shape that is then cooled, reheated and blown into individual beads.  Leslie works closely with the bead masters to create unique pieces.

"Conteria Technique”: 
The very tiny Murano Glass beads we use throughout our designs, also known as “seed beads” for their tiny size, are made of fine glass tubes that are diced into sections, rolled in vats of hot sand to polish off the ends and round the corners, and then rolled in a finer sand to finely polish the surface of the bead. We enjoy using these special beads to offset our flame worked and blown beads.

"Favorite Colors":  Some of our favorite colors are from ancient secret recipes that mix sand, silt and color minerals in the most delicate ways. "Rubino" is a beautiful light golden ruby color made with 24K gold leaf. When we roll silver leaf onto this color there is a flash effect and a patina of delicate colors appear throughout the bead. "Alessandrite" is a light blue-lavender color that changes according to the type of light that it is surrounded by.  Many of our unique color mixtures tend to create a “chameleon” effect.  For example our “Bluino”, with gold leaf inclusions, turns blue, gray or green depending on the fabric it is placed on.  Another favorite color is "Avventurina” which is a sparkling copper element, that we use in both our blown and flame worked beads.

Jewelry Metal Information:
All earring findings as well as necklace and bracelet clasps have the high quality plating process Hamilton 14K G/P or I/R non-silver plating process.  We have been using this plating process on our findings for years and many of our return customers ask for these specific findings.  Our Clip-on earrings are comfortable and have padded backs.  Please note:  We suggest that if you have metal allergies, you should have your local jeweler create a simple 24K gold-filled earring hook, which you can easily open and slide any of our earrings onto.  You will need a simple tweezers or jewelry pliers to open the back of our earring hooks.  We also have some 14K gold-filled earring hooks and silver plated hooks, which we can put on your earring order by special request, and for an additional fee. You will need to note this request in your email “Purchaser Order”.

Our Glassware, Lighting, & Chandeliers, Mirrors:
In the near future we will present a collection of goblets, chandeliers, mirrors and other unique pieces that we are designing and creating on Murano.  

"Viva Venezia e Viva Murano!"