Lighting: Cesendelli

These elegant lights are designed by Leslie and inspired by the conical eternity lights found in the Byzantine churches and synagogues throughout Venice. Each Cesendello is a one-of-a-kind signed original work of art.  Leslie works closely with the Venetian Glass Masters during the blowing process to incorporate her favorite hand-blown and free-formed Murano Glass techniques, which date back over 1000 years. They use layers of specially colored glass to encompass the 24 karate gold leaf and pure silver-leaf details.  Leslie then finishes off these unique lights with beaded chains and tassels of flame worked Murano and conteria beads, which are the same beads that she uses in her popular Venetian jewelry.  When lit from within, these exquisite Cesendelli reflect the most incredible golden light and are ideal for entry halls, sitting areas, bedside stands, fireplaces, kitchen islands and dining areas. They can be lit by candle or chandelier style light bulb and are a favourite of many interior designers and architects. The legendary Cipriani Hotel in Venice has adorned the entry to their famous Palladio Suite and the halls and treatment rooms of their Casanova Spa with Leslie’s custom made Cesendelli.  Soon we will be adding a collection of Cesendelli to this page for sale with measurement and purchase details. If you would like to receive an invite to see the preview of the lighting section please send us an email with your name and address and we will put you on our preview list.
“A presto!”